Save any hifi search on your profile to easily repeat it and even have an optional mail when new listings are found

Advertising on hifishark is a market leading matchmaker for buyers and sellers of hifi. Presently, 1.500.000 visitors a month use our search engine to find products offered for sale at 400 partner sites. This unique reach makes the perfect place for manufacturers, distributors, and resellers of audio equipment to advertise their brands, products, and current offers.

With our extensive database of hifi brands, hifi products, and hifi product categories we can offer narrowly targeted advertising. Any combination of the following examples is viable:

  • Advertise your brand to those showing interest in it.
  • Advertise your products to those looking for specific competing products.
  • Advertise your products to those looking for products in a specific category.
  • Advertise your shop to all users from specific countries.
  • Advertise your shop to those looking for specific brands or products.

If you want to advertise on, then please download our media kit and write to us.

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