Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Hifi Shark is a search engine that will help you find second hand hifi equipment in for sale on any of a large number of other sites.
No, Hifi Shark is a search engine that will help you find second hand hifi equipment in for sale on any of a large number of other sites.
If you have found a bug in the Hifi Shark website please report it on the contact page!
If you run a shop or a marketplace that you would like us index please use the contact page to tell us. We will get back to you as soon as we can...

First of all you write a mail to the website that actually hosts the fake listing!

Of course we would also like to be notified and other users might benefit from a post in our forums.

No, there is currently no Hifi Shark apps available.

The Hifi Shark index is updated once every 24 hours.

You get the following:

  • Permission to post in the forum section of the site.
  • Permission to use search agents and to save searches for later use - just click the save button after completing a search and the search will be turned into both an agent and a saved search.

We are constantly working on a number of premium features that will be made availableto registered users as they are ready.

Please note, that this feature is reserved for registered members.

Whenever you are logged in and complete a search for some specific item, a blue 'Save' button will be shown on the right hand side just blow the searchbox. If you click this button your search will be saved and in the future be accessible via a white button that is shown below the searchbox and named after your search.

This button has two functions:

  • You may press it at any time to repeat your search.
  • Your search will be tested against the database daily and a mail will be sent to you if a new item is found.

Please note, that this feature is reserved for registered users.

When you are logged in, all saved searches, or agents, are represented as a white button below the search box. Pressing such a button will activate the associated search.

When a saved search is activated, two things happen:

  • The search is repeated and the result is shown.
  • An orange 'Delete saved search' becomes available on the right hand side below the search box.
A saved search is deleted when the orange 'Delete saved search' button is pressed.


Since Hifi Shark is a search engine, and not a shop, you have to contact the seller directly through the site that actually hosts the listing you found.

In order to do this just click the 'Show' button next to the listing and then go on to do as required by the hosting site.

We would always like to help, but unfortunately we do not have the resources to assist in the negotiation of deals.

No, being a search engine, and not a shop, Hifi Shark does not ship items at all.

You have to contact the seller directly through the website that hosts the listing of interest. Press 'Show' and go...

Yes, this is what we are trying to do by providing the Hifi Shark search engine.

However, if a search for the product does not produce any hits then you are out of luck. We have no stronger tools at our disposal than the engine itself.

Best of luck.

Yes, you can. Whenever you have completed a search just press 'Save' in order to store the search as a template for the search agent mechanism. Doing this will also provide a button to press whenever you want to repeat the search.

Notifications from the search agent are sent by email.


The short answer is that you don't.

Hifi Shark is a search engine only and does not host product listings.

The only way to list your product on is to list on any of the sites that we currently index.

We think that you are best of by listing on a local site that enjoys a good reputation and has listings for other products in the same category.

Your listing be more likely to reach the relevant audience if you state the correct productname, including brand name and model designation, in the title of your listing. Stating a fair price and using a good photo also helps a lot.

If you need advice use the contact form to ask us.

The Hifi Shark index is updated once every 24 hours. Thus you item should be in our index with 24 hours after making the listing on one of the sites that we search.

If you item is not listed after 24 hours plese write to us using the contact form.

Hifishark does not index want-to-buy or want-to-trade adverts. We help our users find things that are actually offered for sale somewhere on the web.

If you want to buy some product and cannot find a suitable offer, we suggest that you register your interest by saving a search agent in Hifishark. We will then notify you when we find one for sale.

Hifishark does not index professional listings from public marketplaces. Not all marketplaces vet their professional listings as well as we would like, and that has led to some spectacular scams in the past. Buyers simply seem less cautious about professional listings, possibly because they appear to be implicitly endorsed by the hosting site.

We cannot participate in such implicit endorsements. Therefore, we now insist that professional sellers deal with us directly, so that we can vet them ourselves.

First you check if the marketplace you are using is one of the ones that we index. The full list can be found in our sites list.

If the marketplace is not in the list, then you can send us an email and ask us to include in the future. If it is in the list already, then please send us a direct URL to your listing as it appears on said marketplace. This will help us to decide why your listing is not shown.