Save any hifi search on your profile to easily repeat it and even have an optional mail when new listings are found

Saved Searches and Search Agents

Saved Searches and Search Agents constitute a free service that we,, offer to registered users when signed in. When you are such a user, the service will allow you to store a given search to be easily repeated later by the click on a button. Also, we offer you to automatically run your saved searches, at intervals predefined by you, and send you an email if we detect new results that were not there at the previous run.

How to Save a Search

When you have completed a search, you can save the search for later use by clicking either the 'Save' button (shown below, first) above the result or the 'Yes, please' button (shown below, second) below the result.

Save Button Yes Please Button

Once a search has been saved, some new buttons will appear below the search box, as shown below.

New buttons

In this example the 'denon' button represents your saved search. The attached magnifying glass signifies that the button represents an ordinary text search. If the save had been carried out on a particular model page the symbol would be a document instead - signifying a more precise search. The 'delete saved search' button will do just that, and the (initially inactive) save button will allow you to update your saved search if you change your filter settings.

How to Administer Agents

By following the above instructions you do not only create a Saved Search, but also a corresponding Search Agent. To see a full list of your agents, and administer them according to your needs you must visit the My Agents page that is also accessible from your user menu in the top right corner, as shown below.

User Menu

The My Agents page allows you to set the currency your prefer to be used in the emails we send you. It also allows you to set the frequency of agent-runs. As shown below, the choice of frequencies ranges from daily to never, where never effectively disables your agent functionality and leaves you with only saved searches.

Agent Preferences

Also, the My Agents page shows a list of all of your agents. By interacting with the list you can perform three basic operations on an agent:

  • Rename it, by first clicking on the pencil and then typing. This will change the appearance of the corresponding saved search.
  • Toggle its activation status. Inactive agents will not be run automatically.
  • Delete it, by clicking the delete button twice.
Agent List

Other than the direct action possibilities the table offers various other types of information:

  • The Finds column tells you what the agent actually searches for, and offers a link directly to the corresponding Saved Search, where you can change the filter of the agent.
  • The Location column gives you a human readable description of the presently associated filter.
  • The Created column contains the birth date of your agent.
  • The Last run and Found in last run columns tells you about the time and result of the last run of the agent.

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