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10 Digital sources

27 Amplifiers

4 Loudspeakers

3 Receivers

5 Accessories

4 Analog sources

Digital sources (10)

All Primare Digital sources
Primare I22 - D/A Converter
Primare dv26 - DVD player
Primare V10 - DVD player
Primare V20 - DVD player
Primare V25 - DVD player
Primare bd32 - Bluray player
Primare D20 - CD player
Primare D30.2 - CD player
Primare CD 21 - CD player
Primare NP5 Prisma - Network streamer

Amplifiers (27)

All Primare Amplifiers
Primare R20 - Phono preamplifier
Primare R32 - Phono preamplifier
Primare A30.2 - Power amplifier
Primare A30.3 - Power amplifier
Primare A30.5 - Power amplifier
Primare A33.2 - Power amplifier
Primare A60 - Power amplifier
Primare I10 - Power amplifier
Primare A32 - Stereo power amplifier
Primare A34.2 - Stereo power amplifier
Primare A31.2 - Monoblock power amplifier
Primare A10 - Integrated amplifier
Primare A20 - Integrated amplifier
Primare A30.1 - Integrated amplifier
Primare I20 - Integrated amplifier
Primare I21 - Integrated amplifier
Primare I30 - Integrated amplifier
Primare I32 - Integrated amplifier
Primare L21 - Integrated amplifier
Primare spa23 - Integrated amplifier
Primare spa21 - Surround amplifier
Primare P30 - Surround processor
Primare sp31 - Surround processor
Primare sp31.7 - Surround processor
Primare sp32 - Surround processor
Primare sp33 - Surround processor
Primare A30.7 - Multichannel power amplifier

Loudspeakers (4)

All Primare Loudspeakers
Primare L25 - Loudspeaker
Primare L30 - Loudspeaker
Primare dvdi10 - Subwoofer
Primare L20 - Bookshelf speaker

Receivers (3)

All Primare Receivers
Primare CDI10 - Receiver
Primare spa20 - Surround sound receiver
Primare spa22 - Surround sound receiver

Accessories (5)

All Primare Accessories
Primare c22 - Remote control
Primare c24 - Remote control
Primare c31 - Remote control
Primare c32 - Remote control
Primare c33 - Remote control

Analog sources (4)

All Primare Analog sources
Primare T20 - Tuner
Primare T21 - Tuner
Primare T22 - Tuner
Primare T23 - Tuner