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Accuphase C-200

The C-200 was the first pre-amplifier from Accuphase and part of the C-200, P-300, and T-100 trio that was the first series from the company. Like the rest of these units the pre-amp was outstanding at the time and is still quite good today.

The unit is arguably overbuilt in the best sense of the word. The most delicate of the accepted input signals, the MM phono signal, is treated with extreme care in a fully dual mono RIAA equalization stage comprising two parallel identical boards. Similarly, the output and filter stage is fully dual mono cUnits for saleomprising two identical boards. The line stage, however, is simple enought that the two parallel pathways fit on a single board. The same goes for headphone amplifier and powersupply boards that are both singletons.

These units are very linear and transparent but with an overall tone that leans towards the warm more than the analytical. Many think that the C-200 and P-300 sound far better together than any of them on their own paired with units form other brands (or even later generations of Accuphase).
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