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Accuphase C-280L

1987 followup to the 1982 Accuphase C-280 statement preamplifier. Like the previous incarnation the C-280L is superb both in design and construction.

Like the contemporary power amplifiers, e.g. the P-102 and the P-800, the C-280L is fully balanced, and full dual mono including separate transformers for left and right channels. Like the P-102 it is also true Class A.

Five ordinary RCA connections, two balanced XLR and a single RCA phono connection are exposed on the back. This is accompanied by two RCA outputs and a single XLR output. Also RCA inputs and outputs are provided for up to two cassette decks or similar.

The C-280 line was the last of the Accuphase statement preamplifiers to offer a, truly superb, built-in RIAA stage. The stage has a switchable head-amp for MC type cartridges and offers a variety of input impedance settings.

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