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Accuphase E-202

The grandfather of all Accuphase integrated amplifiers was the E-202. First produced in 1974 the amp was probably miles ahead of the competition. A large number of units are still in service making their owners happy on a daily basis.

While the durability of this amplifier, and Accuphase amplifiers in general, is extreme it is safe to guess that most operational units have been serviced or refurbished at some point. If you decide to obtain one make sure that it has indeed been refurbished, or at least checked out by a technician, before you go through with the deal. You can of course buy an un-refurbished sample, but the price should reflect the condition and you WILL have to refurbish it yourself sooner rather than later.

The E-202 was further developed into the E-303 and E-303X and later into the E-405 and is essentially the grandfather of the E-4xx line of Accuphase amplifiers. In contrast, the modern E-2xx line of Accuphase amplifiers are not really descendants in the same sense.

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