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Accuphase P-102

The first through and through Class A power amplifier produced by Accuphase. First built in 1987, and impressively so - full dual mono construction and fully balanced.

As always for Accuphase the quality is excellent and a long life is guaranteed. Being a Class A unit, however, heat has taken its toll and many units have been serviced or refurbished at some point. Many, if not (almost) all units are probably still in operation and can be run safely even without a technical overhaul. However, most will probably sound better AFTER being refurbished.

The P-102 was further developed into the A-xx line of power amplifiers and providing 2x50W in pure Class A the unit is basically the grandfather of the A-5x and A-6x line of Accuphase amplifiers. In terms on tonality it is often compared to the original A-20, which is supposedly rather magical in the midtone.

Apparently Jiro Kasuga, founder of Accuphase, was particularly fond of the high frequency reproduction of the P-102.

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