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Akai AA-R50

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Akai AA-R50

By Juli Wyse, 5. February 2019, 16:02.
I am not a collector. However, I am quite cynical; which is why I no longer have the aa-r50 I owned for 30 years. Not one soul could I trust to repair it. I wish to own once again to power my
BIC TPR-600 SoundSpan awesome-sauce speakers - equally as old.
I am not “money-endowed”; instead, I am on disability - which sucks severely and all-the-time attempts to limit my personal preferences.
ISO >>> Akai AA-r50

I deserve this Akai - back.
I wish for no other.
My bestest regards to You for a great day!!
Most sincere I am,

By maximus, 7. February 2019, 09:02.
You may have to wait for a while as the AA-R50 seems to be quite rare. If you register a search engine Hifishark will automatically send you an email when another one is offered for sale.

Best of luck..

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