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Burmester 785

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By valter52, 10. January 2019, 18:01.
hi all, I bought a preamp 785 rather old but well maintained and well sounding. Unfortunately the manual is in German and I cannot understand out how to settings the phono input (MM cartridge). In addition, inside the preamp I saw 2 dip-switches that can be placed on 1 or 5mV. what are they for?
If anyone can help me, I would be grateful
Valter Rasera

By maximus, 14. January 2019, 12:01.
I do not own a 785, but from the pictures I guess that there are two phono inputs - one for MC and one for MM. If you have an MM cartridge you simply connect to the 'phono' input, select that input, and you should be going. If this does not work for you, then you may have a technical problem.

MM cartridges usually has an output in the range from 1mV to 5mV, and my best guess for the DIP switches is that they adjust the gain in the MM stage. You should probably select the one that is closest to the actual output from your MM cart. The gain of the MC stage is probably fixed, and I would think that it sends the signal through the MM stage afterwards for RIAA correction. This probably mean that the setting of the dip switches also affect the gain of the MC stage. Possibly there is a DIP for each, but they may also be for each channel.

By valter52, 20. January 2019, 20:01.
Maximus, thank you very much for your answer

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