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Carver CT-3

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Carver Ct-3 trouble shooting random shut down.

By Wayne T Rodler (WTR), 6. January 2019, 00:01.
When I power up my Ct-3 it stays powered anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes but then it shuts itself off. The time it stays powered up is always different but never more than 10 minutes. I have removed all connections but still it powers itself off. I was wondering if anybody could suggestion as to why this is happening and or a repair shop Burbank California where I can get it fixed thank you

By maximus, 10. January 2019, 15:01.
It is most likely caused by a protection circuit that decides to cut the power. This may be caused by the detection of a proper fault like, e.g., DC detect on the outputs, or it may be caused by a fault in the protection circuit itself. In both cases the fault is likely to lie with a component like, e.g., a capacitor that is degraded by age.

The purpose of the circuit is to prevent damage to cascade downstream from the fault, both inside the amp itself but also to the speaker, or the person operating it. Take the signs seriously and do not use the unit again until it has been service by a competent technician.

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