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Carver M4.0t

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I am trying to repair an M4.0T. all the amp transistors are good;

By Bobalew, 8. July 2020, 00:07.
the power supplies seem to be good, but the Led's cycle Up & down, while the transformer hums in the beginning of the Cycle, and I see that the Overload LED, is immediately illuminated upon power up.. I see 1/2 of 120 volts at the output of the SCR, so I'm beginning to suspect that. The power supply caps on the high rail have been replaced, and the +/- 30 and +/- 60 Volt supplies & caps have tested good. Any hints as to what is going Wrong? Do I have a faulty overload detector?

By maximus, 21. September 2020, 13:09.
Well, personally I would team up with a tech that know more than myself. The amp is quite old and a new set of transistor may be hard to come by. So, I would hand the thing over before they die in an accident of my own making.

The alternative is to work through the amp from one end and try to protect the output transistors while you do. Sometimes the fault really lies in the protection circuit itself, but if you are not certain then you may cause further problems if you tinker with it.

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