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Classé CA-5200

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  • manual In near-perfect condition, a 5-channel very massive amplifier (55 kg), stable up to 4Ω at 370W RMS, 108dB signal-to-noise ratio, with a staggeringly low THD of 0.003% at 8Ω. On the back you have massive five-way speaker connectors, balanced XLR inputs and outputs, RCA inputs and outputs, Classe CAN-Bus control ports, IR input and output, DC trigger input and output and RS-232 (DB-9) software update and external system control. The CA-5200 is a 5 x 200 W model, based on the same channels used in the CA-2200 (stereo version). Power components are large enough to allow for higher five-channel power requirements without sacrificing performance. Design features include balanced circuits, built-in power supplies, oversized output stages to ensure maximum performance at every output level, with any speaker. " Customizing and finishing the Classe Audio CA-5200 is breathtaking. The price of the new 8000 euros »
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