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Dynavector DV505

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My 505

By David Clark, 31. October 2018, 15:10.
Can't believe my friend just gave me one of these. I'm having a turntable made for it by Tri-A rt Audio in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

By maximus, 6. November 2018, 15:11.
Nice catch! It is supposedly a quite nice cartridge. We look forward to report on the sound once the turntable is ready..

By David Clark, 14. November 2018, 00:11.
Did you mean tonearm? My cartridge is also a Dynavector--just a dv10x5--but it should be a good match. I was surprised and pleased to notice that two of the big rigs at the Toronto Audio Fest were using 10x5s. Sure I'll report when the new turntable is ready.

By maximus, 20. November 2018, 13:11.
I did mean tonearm - just got carried away a bit there :-)

By David Clark, 10. December 2018, 08:12.
Well, the time has come: my turntable has been completed by Tri-Art Audio. It has been fitted with the 505 and my dv10x5, and it's home with me now. I've had it for a little over 24 hours and boy let me tell you the sound is sublime. I've been blowing through vinyl old and new and I'm hearing things I haven't heard before. You know the old cliche. I'm just delighted with this.

By maximus, 11. December 2018, 09:12.
Brilliant - congratulations!

By David Clark, 11. December 2018, 11:12.
Thanks! No way to put pictures on this thing, is there?

By maximus, 14. December 2018, 10:12.
Not at the moment - unfortunately. We may look into some options for that in a later revision of the site.

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