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Electrocompaniet ECI 4

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Electrocompaniet EC4

By Cheskey, 8. December 2019, 14:12.
I own a ECI2 and think it’s fabulous and feel lucky to have it.
My Yamaha 1000M’s probably would benefit from more power, so have seen so many mixed views on the more recent versions was wondering should I consider the EC4 version.
Any ideas?
Cheers Chris

By maximus, 20. January 2020, 14:01.
Electrocompaniet has a nome for good gear. Having said that, these amps are not the most powerful that you can find at this price.

Since the Yamaha NS-1000M benefit a lot from more power I would consider something else. One possibility is to find a Yamaha amp like the MX-D1 or the MX-1. Another option, especially if you like the Norwegian stuff, is to go for a modern Hegel - they are very powerful.

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