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Hafler SE240

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Hafler SE240 One channel not working.

By John White, 11. June 2018, 23:06.
Hi, as above can anyone advise? Thanks, John

By maximus, 29. June 2018, 15:06.
Basically, the fault can lie anywhere between the output of your preamp to your speaker. If you have already verified that neither the speaker not the preamp are at fault, the next step is to rule out the most benign problems in the amp itself. There are no pushbuttons or knobs on the Hafler, that could contribute a faulty connection. Other common sources of failure would be failing speaker output relays, capacitors, resistors, or transistors. The further down that list we go, the more difficult for the layman it becomes to diagnose and fix the problem.

In general, it is ill advised to attempt any repair yourself, unless you really know what you are doing - the voltages insides are dangerous. Thus, the best advice is probably to take it to someone with expertise. By the looks of it, it should not bee too difficult to work with, and hopefully the repair cost will reflect this.

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