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Heathkit AR-1214

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Heathkit AR1214

By Georgespu, 30. January 2020, 17:01.
I've build 2 of them one for a friend and 1 for me in 1975
They are still working very well
Mine is in very good condition as all my devices are.
There is no single scratch on it, it looks like brand new
In the beginning it was powered on the whole day.
Later when I build a AR1515 I used it in my Bureau
Now it is operating again in the living because the AR1515 needs a repair.
It is still a fine great receiver

By maximus, 25. May 2020, 21:05.
Beautiful to hear about such long-lasting value from a fine product. I hope it stays in good shape for years to come.

Heathkit AR1214 receiver

By Georgespu, 4. August 2022, 19:08.
About 17 years ago I purchased an AR1214 on E-Bay, it was marked "for parts only" . And yes it was completely dead.
After some time and a lot of work I was able to repair the power supply and amplifier part, the tuner part was nearly impossible so some day I needed some parts for an AA1214 amplifier and took them from the receiver.
Now, years later I tought it's a shame not to try to repair again.
So, after many hours of searching and testing the FM part of the tuner worked, except for the stereo.
Since I have wait for a new IC I took the AM under control and again after many hours and disassemble the tuner part including the ROD antenna, AM is working also.
Now I wait for the IC, if it's okay I adjust the AM part and replace extra capacitors and then it will be for sale.
Maybe I replace the dial lamps with LED's.
The sound is great, as desired etc.
I'll put it under test at max power for at least 24 hours, will measure the technical specs etc.
The case, unfortunately, doesn't look as new but the device will be greath again.
I hope someone can enjoy it for years because sounds much much better than new modern devices.

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