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Heathkit AR-1515

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By Georgespu, 22. March 2020, 14:03.
As I wrote earlier my receiver is working fine again.
But I did not replace the 2 big 10000 uF elco's in the power circuit.
Nor did I replace the capacitors in th power amplifiers circuit boards.
The receiver is powered on the whole day since he is finalized from the beginning.
Because everything works fine I wonder if I need to replace the 2 big elco's because new ones are much smaller and difficult to put inside.
Thanks and kind regards

By maximus, 26. May 2020, 08:05.
If the receiver plays well, then it is not strictly necessary. There is an element of preventive maintenance, however, and if there are any signs of leakage or swelling on the old reservoir capacitors, then you should replace them asap. You can increase the capacity a bit, if that makes it easier to find caps of, or near, the right size.

By Georgespu, 4. June 2020, 11:06.
Sorry for the late response, but there are no signs at all that the big 10,000mf capacitors are leaking or damaged. The receiver again is working fine the whole day long. Even until late at night because the television sound goes around it.
He was working since the early 80's when I finished building it, also about 15 hours a day every day except when we were not at home of course.
It is a very fine piece of electronic art nohum noise and a fine clear sound reproduction, with perfect pro speakers of course.
About 10 years ago I had to replace the dial lamps by led's because finding new mini lamps became hard to find
I hope it will stay this. Way for as long as I live.