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Hegel H160

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Harbeth 30.1

By Fasteddie, 26. July 2021, 14:07.
Is THE Hegel 160 a good match with Harbeths?

By Mattia Agostini, 23. October 2021, 11:10.
Infinity RS2 Speakers. Rare, Classic, and Special. Best you will find. I'm always skeptical of limited detail and short description listings with no history of the component, especially if vintage and more so speakers. So, here's the history.
I purchased these a couple of years ago. I have both pairs, as well as the rear covers and foam. All are pristine!
When I purchased the RS2's, I pulled all 4 woofers and sent them to Miller Sound for reform. While waiting for the woofers, I purchased many pairs of other Classic Infinity speakers including RS2B, IRS Beta, Ren 90 and Kappa 5,7,8,9. I sold all the others except the IRS Betas and Ren 90's. The Betas are staying in my reference system and the RS2's will compete with the Ren '90s for use in my other setup. Both are listed, so the pair that sells first determines the pair I use. Currently using the RS2's If you've ever wanted or looking for a pair of RS2's, you won't find better than these. Accepting offers, but pretty tight on price.
I can ship worldwide if necessary
Thanks for looking.

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