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Jadis JA200

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By Luckyday, 18. June 2018, 01:06.
Hi, Could someone shed some light on quest in search of the above Jadis ja200 monoblocks. When was ja200 came out with auto bias that accept KT120 on a mk1. I am looking to purchase this amp but was told that is original has not been modified.But all my search end up with only a ja200 mk2 that take KT120 tubes. He bought this amp ja200 mk1 new in 2007. Highly appreciate and tks in advance if anyone could share some of your acknowledge.

By maximus, 28. June 2018, 13:06.
It is a bit unclear if you are asking a generic product question or you are discussing a specific listing. Just to be clear - this space is reserved for general product discussion, and not the discussion of specific listings.

Model Variants of Jadis JA200
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