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JBL L250 ti

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JBL 250TI Jubilee

By Lynn W Allen, 23. July 2018, 16:07.
Looking for a single crossover assembly for the Jubilee, (Metal housing w/battery compartment)

By maximus, 17. August 2018, 15:08.
Under normal circumstances, I would encourage you to create a search agent. Since your request is very special, however, I am not sure it will work. If you check the expired and active listings, you may be able to see if such a crossover was ever in our index in the past.

Otherwise, the best way forward may be to have another built to spec. In that case, you may be looking for a service manual instead..

JBL 250ti

By gbCambridge, 25. October 2021, 12:10.
These speakers seem to be beyond the limits of many shippers. Does anyone have a recommended shipper for shipping from Germany to the UK?
Thanks for the help

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