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JBL xti 300

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Conseils pour jbl sub xti 300

By Jojoponpon, 26. April 2019, 07:04.
Hello,please help on how to connect the xti 300 to a Sony STRDN 1080 and most important how to set it up accordingly! Also i found an old xti 300 but even i plugged ONLY the power cord to it it keeps on making crackling and electrical noise some times to times,now to fix this? Does it needs a repair ? What kind? Plea be explicite because i dont nothing about this!. Thanks

By maximus, 26. April 2019, 12:04.
In general, you can connect it in two ways: Either you can supply a line in signal via phono as is usually used between a preamplifier and power amplifier. Use the red and white input connectors for this. Or, you can insert the sub between your amplifier and your speakers thereby tapping into the amplified signal. Use the red and black screw connectors for this.

Once connected, you can adjust the volume of the sub to match that of your main speakers and decide the cut-over frequency (where the sub starts working) using the knobs.

Your receiver has dedicated subwoofer phono outputs, and you are probably best of using those with the red and white phono inputs on the sub. You may then be able to handle the necessary volume adjustments etc. from the Sony and that may then be the best way.

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