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Something growing out the back of this JVC AX-R87BK Amp

By Thriftshopop, 12. June 2019, 06:06.
I recently picked this up at a local thrift shop, but checking the listings and pictures of the same amp and I see I have a modified version on my hands. My 1st thought was will it explode, or just catch fire? or how am I gonna figure out if it's safe. I suppose I could take off the cover and see what it's wired to, but since I'm not an electronics aficiando, I'd probably just come up with more questions than answers. I can follow directions and I'm not too proud to ask for a little help, advice, insight, ideas, or even a walk thru on what to do. I got my trusty smart phone and I know how to take and send pictures, although not really quite yet on this site. is sending photos along w/ text possible ? If so, could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help & for your patience.