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Kenwood DP-M109

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Kenwood dp-m109

By Krazy Kat, 8. October 2018, 03:10.
Wondered if someone could assist me with a remote control query in relation to the dp-m109.I have owned a kenwood dp-m109 from new for approx 28 years.sat in the cupboard due to a non playing fault.result of lending for a mates engagement..dragged it out last night.pulled it apart cleaned the it changer
cartridge would not eject that is rectified too.should have done that years ago.i noticed that there is rc's for this unit on ebay/ unit from new never came with a remote.unopened new purchase..could some one let me know if this unit is compatable with a remote.there is no wording on the cabinet to rc functionality...and i can't seem to locate a remote sensor (or my manual)
yet i see they are available.or is the dp-m109 only remote capable through system link and a compatable kenwood amplifier.thanks krazykat.australia

By maximus, 10. October 2018, 11:10.
I believe the Kenwood RC PM-5520 remote control should be a match. They can be found for very little money, and I would simply buy one to test it.