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Kenwood KL-888D

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Kl 777S 5 way, 6 speaker system

By Samhorton, 10. February 2019, 06:02.
I have a pair of KL-777S 5 way 6 speaker system,
they sound great, have them hooked up to vintage Kenwood "two-four receiver", runs up to 8 speakers model KR-6340. Speakers fair cosmetic condition 1 of the covers missing the center portion of plastic (grille). Any ideas on value ? Also have pair of KL - 888D 5 way 6 speaker system in very good cosmetic condition & sound great.

By maximus, 11. February 2019, 12:02.
If you can find similar sets for sale in the past by clicking on the sold/expired tab above, then that is really your best shoot at a credible value estimate.

This only goes if you can find a few past offers. If you cannot find any, or only find very few, then the information is much less reliable.