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Kenwood L-02T

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need a USA face plate showing 88mhz to 108mhz for Kenwood L-O2T tuner

By Gary Stewart, 23. May 2020, 21:05.
I purchased above tuner but did not know that Japan had a different FM band than USA. If I could find a tuner used for parts then mayby I could salvage my unit. The seller knew above but did not disclose it. Thank you so very much if anyone knows of a parts tuner with USA face plate. Gary

By maximus, 26. May 2020, 10:05.
Well, if Hifishark cannot find it for you then you may just have to be patient.

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De-Emphasis from 75 to 50us?

By Impuls, 29. April 2022, 12:04.
Hi Guys,
I own a Kenwood L-02T from Japan so it works from 78 to 91Mhz
Now I want to change the De-Emphasis from 75us to 50us but it has no switch on the back like the European version.
I do have the Europe manual but it's different, I have a deviation meter and no Freq. counter at the front .
Maybe some one owns the Japanese manual or has a tip to change this Japanese Tuner to the European standard.
Many thanks fot the one who can help me.

Best regards,
Arie from the Netherlands

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