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Luxman L-116a

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L-116 A and others set-up configuration.

By Bourdel, 16. March 2019, 09:03.
This Luxman L-116 A amplifier is absolutely excellent. Possibly the best of the full series of which I have about 8 each overall, i,,cludind L-190A (modified), L 210, L 230 and also several L 116A. All have been modified to improve their configuration, I.E. addition of a power filter at input plus a 3-prong power cable with earth (for security reason). All materials received 10-turn current setting potentiometers to rereplace the std 1-turn pot to adjust the push-pull bias current, e. It works perfectly so I 'm able to connect orchestra (such as Gospel team (12 people). Sound is quasi perfect !

By maximus, 19. March 2019, 16:03.
Thank you for the glowing report. The L-116A does indeed have a good reputation - as does many of the classic Luxman pieces.

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