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Marantz TT240

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Arm Counter weight

By icebrook, 8. January 2019, 01:01.
Any availability on the counter weight part, on the end of the arm for anti-skating?

By maximus, 10. January 2019, 16:01.
Do you really mean anti-skating and not tracking force balancing? Normally anti-skating is implement by a visible or hidden spring that can be controlled via a turn dial next to the base, or by a separate weight attached to the end of the tonearm with a line that runs over a pulley at some distance from the arm.

By icebrook, 10. January 2019, 16:01.
It’s weight attached to the tonearm.

By maximus, 14. January 2019, 12:01.
Ok, so that must be the weight for adjusting the tracking force. This is actually more difficult to replace because it usually fits around the tonearm itself, and therefore must be machined to match.

It is hard to give advise on how to obtain a replacement. Writing in this space is unlikely to help, as people expect product discussion here. If I were you, I would register a search agent for the turntable, and then hope that one of the future matches is actually a listing for the spare part that you need,