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Monitor Audio GS10 Gold Signature

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Monitor audio GS10 vs audiovector m3 signature

By Tonni Pedersen, 29. May 2023, 07:05.
I have just got these little babies and man do they play,I just moved and My Audiovector were to Big for the New place so I had to buy New old speakers,I listen to all kind of speakers bit when i came to the GS10 there was no doubt,I have nejer heard a speaker with so much of everything and yet you dont really notice it,m3 signature is a Brilliant speaker but I AM sorry to say that this little puppe Will take it to school,and I would newer have guessed that,I was pissed over i coudent keep My m3 sidnature but it ended up being a real eyeopener,anybody have an opinion on these speakers

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