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Onkyo P-388

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ONKYO P-388 OR P-388F

By LefuAudio, 15. June 2019, 17:06.
There is a mistake on the website THEVINTAGEKNOB concerning ONKYO PREAMP P388/ 388F .
The mistake is that it is not made of FULL discrete components (transistors) or as it is written without IC's (intergrated circuits)IN PHONE SECTION !.only in output section.
I looked inside one of them I have both the P388F(230v) and P388(100v) and both have exactly 8 IC's (since they are the same schematics and that's 4 IC's in the phone section (MM/MC) so I"upgraded" and took out all IC's replaced them with BURSON VIVID V6 "opamps"and Classic OPAMPs in Phone section . Sound much better more detail well defined Bass and huge sound stage comparing it to standard IC .
Conclusion: buy one cheap and upgrade it and then you will have a Hi-End pre-amp version. One more hing the main power supply capacitors need to be replaced due to heat from Trafo's and a bit extra load from Burson's opamp. the same or higher rate the better. Otherwise a PLUG N PLAY job .
OH the RC -remote control from P388F does not work with the "gold" P388(100v) and vice versa, Strange to make by ONKYO two different RC for one model.very strange. The RC for thr gold version is almost not obtainable and looks deferent than the RC for P388F which is also hard to get but shows up from time to time.
all the best

By maximus, 25. May 2020, 12:05.
Cool product info - thanks a lot!

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