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Onkyo TX-SV727

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Onkyo tx-sv 727

By Curt Mueller, 19. October 2020, 05:10.
I have this receiver hooked up to 2 sets of speakers. One set for main and other set for remote. Both sets are in the SAME room. On the unit, the volume knob, bass and treble will control the main speakers ONLY. The volume buttons on the remote will control the remote speakers ONLY. So, if I need to turn it up or down, I have to use the volume knob on the receiver AND buttons on remote control because of 2 individual amps. I’m fine with that. My problem is, how do I adjust the highs and lows from the remote speakers? The sound from the main speakers is great, but the remote speakers sound all midrange.

I bought this receiver used but they didn’t use it much at all. I love it and won’t give it up! I’m running Cerwin Vegas as main and JBL as remote with a Kenwood EQ through the tape monitor. Its awesome! If I could just control the tone on remote speakers it would be better.

Where in the manual does it explain this? I read it twice. Am I using the parameter buttons or what? Please help! Thx.

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