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Pioneer HPM 150

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Hpm 150 speaker badge

By David Hill, 6. May 2019, 09:05.
Does anyone know where I can obtain a speaker badge for my hpm 150 speakers, one was missing when purchased.

By maximus, 24. June 2019, 15:06.
I do not think it will be easy to find such a badge. There is always the option of finding an, otherwise sick, hpm-150 that can act as a donor.

Other than that I think you may have to ask someone to actually create a copy of the one that you have.


By The-Dylans Burbage, 7. April 2020, 20:04.
Has anyone went with an upgrade for the mid, if so what'd you use? I personally am thinking of the Markaudio full range 5" instead;,, any opinions out their on this or Markaudio for mid replacements???

Pioneer HPM150/Onix SP3

By The-Dylans Burbage, 24. April 2020, 13:04.
Moving to push my living room set-up which is solid state with HPM 150s, I have an Onix SP3 I am thinking of trying butt at a respectable 38 per side will this do them justice before I go unhook everything and experiment. The real question is do I have enough (38watts aside) in the tubed whirled to push HPM150s???

By maximus, 22. May 2020, 22:05.
I think 38 Tubed Watts could very well be enough. I expect the speakers to be a bit 'direct' in their sound, so it may be a good match as well.

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