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Pioneer SA-8800 II

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any thoughts on Pioneer SA 8800II

By OUMWA DFA, 23. January 2019, 01:01.
I have one here, is it worth keeping?

By maximus, 31. January 2019, 15:01.
If you like the sound I would think so. It seems to be well built, and I suspect that Pioneer made a nice effort.

Bear in mind that any unit of this age will begin to tire. In particular the electrolytic capacitors are likely to be dry, and may eventually fail. Other components may also be worn and dirt and oxidation may have deteriorated the switchable connections (relays, knobs, buttons).

But, electrolytic capacitors can be replaced and dirt can be cleaned. If you put in the effort, it may serve you well for years to come.

serial numbers of all kinds of transistors

By Budz Borillo, 1. August 2021, 23:08.
i want to find the serial number of this ones

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