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Pioneer SX-700L

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Italy Subito
Pioneer SX-700L @ Subito
Tuner pioneer F-X700L sintonizzatore stereo hi fi Italy Subito - May 25, 2020
Sweden Tradera
Pioneer SX-700L @ Tradera
Pioneer sx-700l stereo receiver och pioneer dt-500 Sweden Tradera SEK 199 May 24, 2020
Czech Republic Bazos Czechia
Pioneer SX-700L @ Bazos Czechia
Pioneer SX-700L+Pioneer CT300(1980-81)Top stav Czech Republic Bazos Czechia - May 22, 2020
Belgium 2dehands BE
Pioneer SX-700L @ 2dehands BE
Tuner Versterker Pioneer SX 700L Belgium 2dehands BE €80 May 22, 2020
Slovakia Bazos
Pioneer SX-700L @ Bazos
Pioneer SX-700L(1980-81) Slovakia Bazos - May 22, 2020
Pioneer SX-700L @
Pioneer SX-700L viritinvahvistin 1980-1982 Finland €110 15% May 2, 2020
Canada Kijiji CA
Pioneer SX-700L @ Kijiji CA
Pioneer SX-700T vintage AM/FM receiver Canada Kijiji CA CA$100 17% Apr 25, 2020
Estonia okidoki
Pioneer SX-700L @ okidoki
Pioneer SX-700L Stereo AM/FM Receiver Estonia okidoki €119 Apr 18, 2020
Latvia Vintage Audio
Pioneer SX-700L @ Vintage Audio
Pioneer SX 700 Latvia Vintage Audio €120 Mar 19, 2020
Sweden Hifitorget
Pioneer SX-700L @ Hifitorget
Kenwood försteg 700c, l-07c samt pioneer spec-1 Sweden Hifitorget SEK 8,500 Feb 24, 2020
Portugal OLX Portugal
Pioneer SX-700L @ OLX Portugal
Amplificador Pioneer SX-700 L Portugal OLX Portugal €120 20% Feb 15, 2020
Italy Subito
Pioneer SX-700L @ Subito
Pioneer sx 700 l Italy Subito - Dec 27, 2019
Japan Yahoo Auctions
Pioneer SX-700L @ Yahoo Auctions
*Pioneer 16cm S-X700, CS-52, PE-16 for edge set #086. mk Japan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
Dec 21, 2019
Sweden Rehifi
Pioneer SX-700L @ Rehifi
Pioneer SX-700L Receiver Sweden Rehifi SEK 1,400 Nov 29, 2019
France Reverb
Pioneer SX-700L @ Reverb
Ampli Pioneer SX-700L Receiver vintage amplifier France Reverb logo $171 1% Oct 4, 2019
Japan Yahoo Auctions
Pioneer SX-700L @ Yahoo Auctions
*Pioneer 16cm S-X700, CS-52, PE-16 for #086. pk edge * bond set Japan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
Aug 16, 2019
Bulgaria OLX Bulgaria
Pioneer SX-700L @ OLX Bulgaria
Ресийвер Pioneer sx700l Bulgaria OLX Bulgaria BGN 100 Aug 14, 2019
Czech Republic HyperInzerce
Pioneer SX-700L @ HyperInzerce
Pioneer SX-700L Hifi receiver (1980-82) Czech Republic HyperInzerce CZK 6,500 18% Oct 9, 2018
Czech Republic Sbazar
Pioneer SX-700L @ Sbazar
Pioneer SX-700L Hifi (1980-82) Receiver Czech Republic Sbazar CZK 6,500 18% Sep 13, 2018
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Pioneer SX700L

By Cscburford, 29. December 2019, 18:12.
Hi I am looking for a cheep old school amp/ receiver to build a hi if round this comes from the eara that I first got into hi-fi is this a good choice if not what do you recommend?

By maximus, 25. May 2020, 16:05.
I think that this could be a nice solution for you. Keep in mind that units of this age require some maintenance to sound their best and last.