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Proton D1200

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Proton D1200

By Tom Robbins, 8. May 2024, 09:05.
I owned a proton D1200 since 1887 and recently sold it about 2 years ago and I. Really having trouble finding something I like that even comes close to the D1200. I've tried Parasound HC1500A, Hafler DH500, and currently a DBX BX3 MKII bridged to 2 channel and to my ear none of these have the punch or clarity of the D1200. Maybe I am just biased but I'm regretting selling it and they are getting harder to find and the price has almost doubled. Does anyone have one the are willing to sell or trade? I still have the Hafler DH500 and (2) DBX BX3 MKII's

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