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Quad ESL 2905

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Quad ESL 2905. vs Quad ESL 989

By Sharkcrazy, 1. December 2018, 17:12.
I am thinking about buying other ESL speakers. Is it really a better loudspeaker..?
Is it a good idea to change my 989 for the 2905...? And is the 2905 powerhungry..? I drive my 989 now with Jadis JA30 monoblocks.
All suggestions are welcome

By maximus, 4. December 2018, 14:12.
I have not hear the 989, as far as I remember. I have heard the 2905 play in very large rooms on a few occasions, however, and in that setting they have seemed a bit limited in term of dynamics.

Maybe you can find some extra, worthwhile, information in one of the reviews linked above..

By Christopher Montgomery, 28. January 2020, 13:01.
I had both of these in Germany for a few years. The power consumption is about the same. The difference is at very low frequencies. The 2905 goes lower in the bass. Actually it goes though the house walls. The reason is in the frame and the support. The 2905 has a rigid frame but the 989 frame can move with the diaphragm at low frequencies. Actually I would recommend the 988 or 2805 in a normal house!

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