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Revox B250 s

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B250 faulty transformer is buzzing

By, 28. July 2018, 11:07.
By, 27. July 2018, 11:07. Edit
De Revox B250-(S) had a design fault. The powertransformer wil be faulty after some years probably by to warming up too much. You wil hear this by buzzing of the transformer even if the B250 is switch off but the powercord is connected.
Revox will charge you at least € 600 to replace the transformer with a separated box outside the B250 unit. So Revox is charging you as customer for their design fault. Please be aware of buying any B250 you can sooner or later have this problem, the price you pay for the B250-(S) give no garantee at all for not having this buzzing problem. Please be aware because Ebay does not warn their customers of this preceding problem.
Piet van der Ploeg - CCGT Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

By maximus, 17. August 2018, 16:08.
Thanks Piet - That is good info for potential buyers.

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