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Sansui AUX711

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Sansui AUX711

By Matthew Steinemann, 14. December 2018, 02:12.
Where can I find parts for this any one please help me

By maximus, 14. December 2018, 11:12.
Well, that all depends on the kinds of parts that you need. Many parts, like capacitors, resistors, transistors etc., are generic and can mostly be replaced with other parts of similar spec and function. Other parts, like chassis, knobs etc., are proprietary, and cannot easily be replaced with non-Sansui parts.

So, if you are repairing something electrical inside the unit, then you just need a well stocked technician. If you are repairing something cosmetic, then you may very well have to buy a second Sansui unit (possibly broken) that can act as a donor for the parts you need.

By Matthew Steinemann, 27. February 2019, 14:02.
Thankyou do you know where I can get a parts au x711

By Matthew Steinemann, 5. March 2019, 04:03.
Can any one sale me one and ship tit to me I am located in us

By Matthew Steinemann, 13. January 2020, 03:01.
I got some parts I just need some one that knows how to fix it or some one willing to sell me one and ship it to me please thank you

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