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Sony PS-F5

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Came across one in brilliant working condition

By Justo76, 8. October 2018, 17:10.
How do I put it up for auction sale?

By Justo76, 8. October 2018, 18:10.
Took ages to work out what it was as looks like modern CD player. Great nick since built 1983 approx.

new user

By Justo76, 10. October 2018, 14:10.
How do I put a Sony PS-F5 up for ebay auction, how does it work.
Sorry for ur help in advance

By maximus, 15. October 2018, 07:10.
First of all, you have to go to eBay website to create an eBay auction. Hifishark is just a search engine.

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