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Sony PS-X75

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Looking for dust cover for my PS-X75

By Randall Ruback, 17. September 2018, 07:09.
I just got my dad's PS-X75 up and running. What a turntable! But I never found the original dust cover. Any leads? I have thought of buying a custom acrylic casing to cover the unit. I know that there are inexpensive alternatives like the soft cover. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help.

By maximus, 18. September 2018, 18:09.
You can also try to register a search agent here on Hifishark. Just for the turntable, any dust covers specific to the model are also likely to show up.

Besides, I would personally prefer a soft or hard cover that covers only the platter. Ordinary dust covers get horribly scratchy and they do not really protect your precious vinyl against sunlight anyway. A cover for the platter can always be placed on top of a vinyl record and would then protect against sunlight.

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