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Sony STR-DA5300ES

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Sony STR-DA5300ES - I have (2) Digital Media Ports instead of (1).........

By Derek Keenan, 6. April 2020, 03:04.
I have (2) Digital Media Ports instead of (1) on my Sony STR-DA5300ES, and I have yet to see another Sony STR-DA5300ES w this?? Anybody have an answer or reason for this? I mean I love it don't get me wrong, because I can hook up my ipod as well as my Sony BT1 BT adapter at the same time so I'm digging it!!!

By maximus, 26. May 2020, 09:05.
A bit odd, but is may be due to a regional difference or a difference between revisions. Is there a revision number or a regional code somewhere on the back?

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