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Sony TA-AX401

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Que bocinas utilizar en Sony Ta-Ax401

By Hermes Merlos, 26. May 2019, 23:05.
Que tal amigos tengo una duda respecto al Ta-AX401 y es respecto a que bocinas puedo utilizar serán bocinas de discoteca para medios algunos me han dicho que son de 15 pulgadas pero lo que no sé es los watts? Y ó que me aconsejan agradezco su ayuda
Mi correo es

By maximus, 25. May 2020, 11:05.
You say Disco speakers, and that makes me think that you will be playing quite loud. I think it would be a bit risky to use this amplifier for that. I suspect that it does not have the power reserved to drive your speakers hard without clipping. And clipping may break your speakers.