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Spendor BC1

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Spendor BC1 speakers

By Tally622, 14. September 2021, 06:09.
Recently acquired a matched (sequential 25283 and 25284) set of Spendor BC1 speakers with original packaging including box, 4 corner pads, plastic bag speaker was in and all the foam blocks that completed the packing. Also has the BC1 U shaped speaker stands with the spikes on the bottom. There are 28 records from Westminster Hi-Fi's Laboratory Series one of which is sealed maybe never played and 9 records from Musical Heritage Society like MHS-511 Handel's Royal Fireworks Music. All of this and so much more was owned by a guy that lived in a farmhouse that looked like it had been there from time immemorial in a very rural area of eastern mid Ohio. With everything including the provenance, I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect set of BC1s. I mean the original plastic bags are in the boxes for crying out loud. I wish I were knowledgeable enough to appreciate them myself but these should go to some one individual or a collection or a group/club that could keep everything together. Obvious question. What's the selling price.
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