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Teac A-X75

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Relay replacement

By Steve Vigneault.1, 7. November 2018, 13:11.
There is a relay on the PCB that makes a sound like a malfunction doorbell when I power on. Can't find a schematic so no part #. Any ax 75 owners out there know where I can get a replacement? Cheers

By maximus, 12. November 2018, 13:11.
The fault may not lie with the relay. There is a (protection) circuit around the relay that is supposed to keep the switch energized whenever the amplifier is stable. Usually this involved the charging of one or more electrolytic capacitors. If these are failing it may result in a rapid repeated switching of the relay.

In case the relay is actually faulty, you may be able to find a parts number directly on the component itself. If not, then another source for a spare part may be a defunct A-X75 that can act as a donor.

By Steve Vigneault.1, 14. November 2018, 14:11.
Thanks maximus. I think you may have hit the nail on the head. If I let the amp warm up for ten minutes or so the buzzing goes away. I've have some nichi caps of the same value kicking around so it can't hurt to replace them. I'll still probably replace the relay if I can find one. Don't want to spend much time or money on this amp as I was just planning on passing it along to a friend. I hooked up a pair of thiel 2's to it and it sounded pretty good when it was working.

By maximus, 20. November 2018, 14:11.
I am pretty shore that a capacitor replacement will be worthwhile. If the relay turns out to be working, you may be better off cleaning it than replacing it.

Some relays can be well cleaned by dragging a business card dipped in cleaning solution through the gate while holding it shut.

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