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Technics SU-V78

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Technics SU-V78 Low Noise, Low Power

By jrdreeves, 22. October 2018, 06:10.
First time posting, so please forgive any stupid questions. I set up my turntable last night and to my disappointment, the volume was very low. My turntable is Technics sl-220, receiver is technics su-v78 and speakers are technics SB-3 R&B series. Once all is set up, the sound is there, but have to turn the volume to 10 for what is a very quiet sounding record. Through my research I don't think the receiver needs a pre-amp as there is markings for Phono on the front and for cables. Is it possible the pre-amp portion of the receiver is blown? Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


By maximus, 22. October 2018, 09:10.
It sounds to me as if the receiver supports Moving Magnet cartridges, while the actual cartridge on your turntable is a Moving Coil type. In your situation, the significant difference is the output level that they are able to generate - Moving Coil produces very low output.

What cartridge do you have on your turntable?

By jrdreeves, 22. October 2018, 09:10.

The cartridge is an audio Technica CN5625AL. The package says moving magnet cartridge, so I don’t think that would be the problem. Is it possible the cartridge isn’t placed in firmly enough? It was tough to get on and definitely tried not to force it on.

By maximus, 22. October 2018, 10:10.
Yes, that is an MM cart. Two other options that come to mind:
1. You are using a wrong tracking force, or
2. you are using the wrong input on your receiver
In both cases the output would not only be low, but also somewhat distorted. If you play some music that you know well, does it then sound exactly as you expect, but low, or does it deviate?

By jrdreeves, 23. October 2018, 07:10.

I bought a $1 antenna from local thrift shop and got the receiver to pick up fm channels. Definitely the sound was much louder as anything beyond 2 sounded as though it would blow the speakers. Good news is they sounded great! So now I’m trying to determine if I need a pre amp. The receiver has a phone input which leads me to believe it doesn’t require a preamp. Is there a way to tell if a receiver has built in pre amp other than having a phone input?


By maximus, 23. October 2018, 09:10.
It definitely does not need a general preamp. Also, as you say, the connections indicate that a dedicated phono preamp should also not be required - at least not for MM carts.

I have added a link to the user manual to the links section above. Maybe there is something in there that we have not thought of.

Did you double check the tracking force, and ensure that the cable connectors are reasonably clean and shiny?