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Toshiba SA-7150

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Toshiba AS-7150

By Paul Rothfuss, 26. July 2021, 17:07.
I bought this receiver new in about 1980 while in the US Navy, either Yokosuka Japan or Subic Bay Philippines... I think it cost about $1100 which was a ton of money at the time. I haven't used it much in the last 20+ years, thought I might get rid of it. Started doing some research and ran across this site. I was very surprised to see how much some people were asking for them. Mine looks very good, although like some other units I read about, the power meters are not working properly. I'm not an audiophile and would like some advice on where or how to sell... The thing weighs a ton, can't imagine the shipping costs.

Toshiba SA-7150

By nickatnoon61, 29. January 2022, 19:01.
How much does this unit weigh? It's OK, I found the weight at 59.53 lbs. or 27 kgs.

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