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Wharfedale Sapphire SP-89

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By Adam Ramirez, 1. July 2018, 23:07.
wharedale sp 89 or klipsch r 26 on craigslist
i dont know wich one to buy ,wich is better?

By maximus, 12. July 2018, 15:07.
Assuming that you mean the Klipsch R-26F, then I think this is a somewhat newer speaker. Although this is the second hand market, the best answer still is that your own ears should decide.

The problem is, of course, that you do not really have listening access unless you buy. In that regard you sometimes have to accept some risk when buying second hand.

Where it me, I would pick up the oldest speakers. If they did not make me happy I would resell, and try the newer pair instead. The reason that I would start with the older ones, provided the selling price is reasonable for their age, is that they are likely to lose less, if any, value while in your care. They are probably also cheaper from the outset.

If in doubt whether the selling price is reasonable, then look at the sold/expired listings here on Hifishark.

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