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Yamaha PX-3

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yamaha px3 linnear turntable

By Scott Schuster, 1. December 2018, 22:12.
i own one of these but have not used it for 30 yrs. It currently spins but the belt drive won't function. I've had it at two audio repair shops in MN and they claim they can't fix it. are spare parts available that anyone knows of?

By maximus, 4. December 2018, 14:12.
First, this is beautiful turntable - I really hope you can get it fixed!

Since the repair shops claim they cannot fix it, it probably has nothing to do with a drive belt, which is normally the first place I would look.

Then the fault probably resides in the arm control electronics (or the motor itself), which makes the repair a bit difficult because such circuits are usually complicated.

There are two ways forward. Either a competent person with a love affair sits down and goes through every bit of the table until the fault is found. Or, you find another PX-3, one that is faulty in some other manner, and used it as a circuit donor.

Best of luck

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